Tuition & Policies

Tuition: Fall 2020 Online Semester
  • Semester length: 10 weeks
  • Families Pay One Price: $222 (ALL children covered under tuition; no more sibling fees)
  • Tuition covers: $18/week (classes, events, videos); $42 curriculum fee (covers music and songbook as well as all the research and teacher education, etc. that supports your family's music making!); unlimited makeup & drop-in classes (pre-registered)
  • Online classes meet once a week on Zoom (35-40 minutes per class); families also receive two pre-recorded videos (10-30 minutes each) each week (20+ pre-recorded videos in total by the end of the semester)
  • Facebook live events each week; evening or weekend "Family Jam" party Zooms every other week
  • Optional, limited weekly outdoor family music gatherings (by reservation only)
  • Each semester, you will receive a new collection of high-quality music from around the world, specifically chosen for young children—to give rich music exposure for their developing brains and to be FUN! You will get a CD of music, a digital download code to unlock the music in the "Hello Everybody" app, and an engaging, fully-illustrated picture book to read and sing-along to at home. You will also receive a Parent Guide chock-full of the research behind every little thing we do in class. 
Policies, Terms & Conditions:
  • Payment is due at the time of registration. Due to budgeting concerns, no tuition refunds can be given after the 2nd week of classes.
  • $42 of your tuition covers the Curriculum Fee that goes to Music Together® LLC to support research, curriculum development, teacher education, and much more. This fee is non-refundable.
  • MT Online
    • As always, parents/caregivers are the most important participants in our Music Together classes. Even though we are online, please join in and model at-home what your teachers are doing on Zoom/etc.!
    • Please do not leave children unattended while on a Zoom class.
  • MT Outdoors
    • Do not come to an outdoor event if you or your child are showing signs of illness.
    • Position your blanket/umbrella at least 6 feet away from all neighboring families.
    • All adults are required by NJ State Law to wear masks.
    • Please make sure that your children respect other families' social distance.
    • West Essex Music Together and all employed teachers are not responsible for your children's/families' actions or for your physical health.
  • Our classes are super fun! Come ready to sing, dance, drum, laugh, and have a great time.